Marijuana stock trading is a very new venture, and we’ve already outlined some of the dos and don’ts of trading in such a lucrative but also unexplored areas. But if you are going to take the plunge and make some investments, where should you start? Here is a rundown of some of the currently available stocks, and what they have to offer.

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - This company is based out of Vancouver in Canada, and serves as a cannabis consulting company, and a group that provides systems and equipment to growers. They also hold a majority interest in Phytalytics, a cannabis lab, and have the rights to a fertilizer formula. Since growing and cultivating is always going to be a necessary part of the cannabis world, no matter what directions it takes, this would be a good company to look into.

Cannabis Sativa Inc.  - This is the infamous company that provides cannabis products, acquired the research firm called Kush, and is headed by president and CEO Gary Johnson, the x-governor of New Mexico. With the slogan “products of higher consciousness” and the prefix
“hi” before the names of all their products, as well as the quality of their merchandise and their tendency to make headlines in the best possible way, you can bet that this is a brand that is going to be around for a while making waves. You’d be wise to buy some stocks in this company.

TerraTech Corp. - This company serves as a grower and retailer, and they are based out of Irvine, California. They have also had some extremely successful fundraising campaigns over the years, and recently broke into the field of marijuana cultivation as well as just growing and selling. This would be a good company to sink your teeth into, because of their versatility and ever-evolving business plan.

Mentor Capital Inc. - This is a big one - these guys are based out of Silicon Valley in California and have been around since 1985, and now they are getting into cannabis cancer cure research, which may well be one of the futures of medicine, especially in light of recent FDA findings that cannabinoids actually do fight cancer. This group has received a lot of funding from the market research group called The Cannabis Advocacy Machine, and are definitely poised to take this new industry by storm. They are certainly a group to watch in the coming months, and possibly get a piece of.

Privateer Holdings - This is a company that should need no introduction in the world of legal cannabis - they own Leafly, they’ve started investing in grows in Canada, and they own Marley Naturals, the cannabis company started by Bob Marley’s family that is clearly posed to be the biggest name in the new industry. Keep your eye on this company, as they are certainly one of the future’s leaders.

United Cannabis Corp. - This group has been around since 1999, when medical marijuana was first introduced in California and changed the way that the country looked at the cannabis industry. They are based out of Denver, and have created a marijuana pill that they plan to patent and market as soon as it becomes legally viable. Since the future undoubtedly will factor in some sort of over-the-counter or prescription pot pills, this would be a great company to start investing in.

As the world of cannabis investing opens up more and more all the time, we urge you to keep updated with what’s going on by checking in with this blog and Marijuana Stock Report in order to see what is up, what is down, and what is new, hot and trending.