I really hate how this is presented. More demonization of cannabis. This is not the new a drug on the street. Anybody who grows cannabis or has done any type of research on the molecules and their properties of the plant would understand what shatter is. What you can use CBD shatter for besides smoking. Cooking that work great for treatment for a lot of mental health/ health issues, chronic pain. You can also make oils for massage and tinctures. You put it on the pain is gone. It can actually really help with a lot symptoms, with no side effects. This police inspector has no understanding about what he’s talking about, nor does he want too. He only cares about how many bodies he’s locking up in a jail. More bodies equals more money. Let’s see it has no other mention of the men being in possession of  (methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription drugs), and some marijuana, and the infamous shatter. Depending on which article you read. Here shatter and marijuana are right with (meth, coke, and Px drugs.) That are highly addictive. I’ve even come across a headline that state’s shatter is very dangerous and leads to overdose. The main theme in the articles is that shatter is very toxic and highly addictive. They are even comparing to meth and oxycodone in popularity and don’t know if it will be or not. But the inspector can’t predict anything, but if it gives you  a better high it will be sought after.   Marijuana is not highly addictive neither is shatter.  Either way these guy’s were criminals that did have highly addictive drugs had gotten caught. Of all the drugs seized it is said to be $1,500 in value. I wonder how much shatter they actually had? I wonder if the headline picture was all they had?  It’s just really sad that they making shatter out to be newest most dangerous drug on the black market now. Shatter the newest drug and most dangerous drug on the black market. They make it sound like black tar heroin. Everybody knows that stuff is bad and addictive. Not everybody knows what CBD/THC is, if they don’t know they don’t understand. That might make them scared, angry. As a cannabis supporting nation we should be spreading knowledge this so that more people can understand. It’s CBD/ THC compounds found in cannabis. It sounds like a fear slogan. Every time that something like this comes up they blow the price way up, $100 a gram. It sounds like they’re trying to set a high price for the dealer’s. C’mon it’s plant based material. More people have caught onto what shatter is. They have come with more refined ways of getting the wax, shatter, resin, oil. Some of the people sound very inexperienced. Some of the other’s who have found out are the at home meth lab type. They don’t care about the risks involved and want to make money. It just seems like these people don’t take their lack of experience into consideration. Those are the ones make all this look bad. Then we have other media outlets from outside nearby countries spreading misinformation. We are coming together as a nation on cannabis. We also need to have a understanding globally, with neighboring countries and be a model to them. When your using propane or any type of flammable gas in a confined space without a fan or ventilation your going to have problems. It sounds like a lot of property damage can be caused if your not taking all the safety precautions. People have been seriously injured due the these explosions. The saying goes if you don’t  know what your doing don’t do it. Or ask for help. Don’t just watch 15 minutes of youtube thinking you’re an expert. Don’t skip the ventilation section.