Festive season or otherwise, gifting is always in vogue. What better way to impress your near and dear ones than offering him a gift of his liking? If you happen to have cannabis lovers as friends, gifting becomes easy. There are quite a few interesting items you can actually consider as gifts for pepping up the cannabis loving soul. We look at a few options here.




Gifts for the Cannabis Lover

 1.    Magical Butter for the Foodie Friend

The popularity of marijuana cooking is on the rise. And provided your Cannabis fan is also a foodie, he or she would love to try a hand at some of these innovative recipes. Gift him a Magical Butter! This appliance makes the cannabis extraction process truly simple.

 Magical Butter - Weed Depot.jpg

The Very Useful Magical Butter

All you need to do is add crushed weed or marijuana and add the medium you prefer for extraction, which could be oil or butter. The appliance does the rest and you have your weed infused blend quite promptly. Your friend will certainly find it useful since it saves time, money and energy. 

1.    A Complete Cookbook for your Culinary Enthusiast Friend

Although weed preparations are gaining popularity by the day, there is still dearth of knowledge when it comes to information required for planning these recipes right. Whereas several recipes are available online, having a ready reference always seems more convenient.

So, a cookbook that contains a wide range of marijuana recipes would be your top choice for a gift. And this would be especially appreciated if your pal loves honing his or her culinary skills! He or she can spend some quality time stirring up favorite recipes and gorging on them too.

 2.    A Kasher for your Hygienic Cannabis Smoker Friend

Provided your friend smokes marijuana quite frequently and is concerned about hygiene, he or she would be finicky about having the pipe cleaned thoroughly, every time after a smoking session. And, those who have done it would know that cleaning up the last bit of residual ash could be challenge of sorts.

One might have to insert safety pins or toothpicks for cleaning up thoroughly. This is why, a Kasher, which fits snugly on the lighter and works as a poker for clearing the pipe in the jiffy, would be most preferred. Gift one that sports a vibrant color, like red or blue for instance.

 3.    A Vaporizer for your Travel Freak Friend

Well, a vaporizer like a Firefly for instance, would prove to be an ideal gift for a friend who wishes to enjoy a hearty smoke on the go. You can use the Firefly for delivering the choicest plumes without burning out the vapor. Besides, it is also equipped with a battery that can be recharged and does not require changing. 

Firefly - Weed Depot.jpg

The Firefly is a Great Device for your Cannabis Smoker Pal.

Besides, you can also consider gifting weed storage boxes, preferably wooden ones, for preserving their choicest collection of weed. It is all about understanding their needs of weed users and planning a gift that touches they would love!