Soon, gone are the days when you want to enjoy a joint means dropping by to a place with shady aura with rustic gates. At the counter, customers can purchase a brownie or another edible without proper packaging and printed information about its contents.

With more US states moving towards in legalizing marijuana use, its target market will be bigger and the demand will be higher. Moreover, it will be easier for people to obtain a stash of the substance on the streets. Currently, most states have a black market for marijuana.

The cannabis industry is succumbing with the tides of modern times as it keeps rebranding and reinventing itself in order to attract new clients and set itself apart from other businesses. By revamping its look, it lures the current hipster crowd.

US States Put Efforts in Rebranding Marijuana

Some states, like Washington and Colorado, allow freedom in using marijuana. Previously, establishments where one can take a puff of cannabis are far from appealing. This is because marijuana has a negative connotation in society; thus, stores have to lay low as not to stand out too much in the neighborhood. The stores look like a dump with beaten and worn walls adorned with Bob Marley pictures and jars of various strains of marijuana.

Colorado permits the use of marijuana and stores that sell hash constantly updates in line with the booming cannabis industry. New stores look like Apple Stores or Starbucks where one can enjoy marijuana.

This is like a dream come true for marijuana advocates like former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively, who once said that he is willing to raise $10 million for Starbucks-style establishments that will enable customers to savor and enjoy different kinds of marijuana. According to Shively, legalization of marijuana should permit users to enjoy the substance in a particular place like how we enjoy a cup of coffee, a premium chocolate, or a fine cigar.

In Denver, Colorado, a new medical marijuana dispensary called “Kind of Love” offers a place where its clients can enjoy a joint in an ambiance complete with artwork from local artists, marble countertops and relaxing leather chairs. The dispensary looks like a spa or a Starbucks-like café. The establishment caters to professionals who want to purchase medical marijuana and mingle with other people.

In California, business owners are revamping its businesses complete with sophisticated logos and packaging. For example, Berkeley-based distributor of baked goods infused with medical marijuana, Auntie Dolores, constantly checks its products by holding a taste test. This is to ensure the amount of cannabinoids in each product so the products are labeled properly. While the said testing is not required since the market currently unregulated, the company feels compelled in doing so because it wants to deliver high quality products to its loyal customers. Moreover, consumers are expecting the same quality every time they buy.

Marketing Marijuana

Just like any product, marketing is one of the important facets of selling marijuana. The substance will be available in convenient stores. The producers and sellers must know who are the buyers and their profiles in order to make an effective campaign. Rebranding the cannabis industry is of vital importance to ease its inception in the mainstream market. Making friendly ads will change the image of marijuana use.

The full blown advertising and marketing of marijuana are expected to happen soon as the industry will move forward in legalizing the substance. Pot “ads” are nothing new, but the advertisements are far more discreet since sellers are playing the ads based on the standards in the society.