MarijuanaRecipes is a website that is designed to offer healthy, high quality recipes for cooking cannabis-infused dishes. The main goal of the markets of the website is to become the go-to resource for those who are interested in preparing dishes with marijuana. In this website, users are given the opportunity to comment, review and share the recipes they find to other social networking platforms. At MarijuanaRecipes, videos that  feature the celebrity chef Payton Curry teaching his viewers how to prepare marijuana-infused dishes are also posted.

Tasty, Unique Recipes Posted at  MarijuanaRecipes

Those people who are into cannabis-infused dishes without any more ideas on what other recipes to prepare other than just the traditional ‘pot brownies’ can turn to MarijuanaRecipes and get exciting new suggestions on what they can cook next. While the website was being developed, its parent firm Northsight Capital was able to secure famous celebrity chef Payton Curry to come up with new recipes that can be easily copied by those people who are interested in trying new marijuana-infused dishes and treats. Chef Curry posts new special recipes on a regular basis particularly for occasions like the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving , Christmas, and so on.

About Payton Curry—The MarijuanaRecipes Chef

Those who are living in the Phoenix, AZ area are very much familiar with Chef Curry as he is seen in several popular TV programs including Good Morning Arizona, Fox News and a few others. He has 21 years of experience, he owns many restaurants and he gives demos on TV on the correct way of using medical cannabis in the cooking process. He has even held local cooking classes for many participants and aside from developing the MarijuanaRecipes website, he will be facilitating a cooking class for the website which will be posted and viewed on streaming video for everyone to learn by.

Ask Our Chef Feature

As already mentioned above, MarijuanaRecipes allows its users to comment, review and post recipes that they find from the website but aside from this, MarijuanaRecipes also offers the ‘Ask Our Chef’ section wherein you can submit a question and get a timely answer from Chef Curry himself.  The questions that you can ask can be just about anything related to the website and marijuana. Other users even ask why the chef decided to start cooking marijuana-infused dishes while there are those who ask Chef Curry of his favorite strains to cook with.

Marijuana Blog

Another section that you will find in the MarijuanaRecipes website is ‘Marijuana Blog’ where the audience find many articles that they can read regarding cannabis. This should be your go-to resource if you are looking for good reads about marijuana and among the top articles that you can find are things to avoid when eating cannabis for the first time,  jobs you can get from the marijuana industry, primary tasks fo marijuana cultivators and tips in growing marijuana buds for cannabis-infused dishes.

If high quality, healthy cannabis-infused recipes are what you are looking for, there is no other good website to visit for ideas but MarijuanaRecipes. Check it out today and try one of Chef Curry’s newest suggestions on cannabis-infused treats!