Do you want to make your very own pot harvest? While others think that the process is too hard and all, it isn’t. Well, you better stop over thinking but get to work to start with. In fact, there are no special requirements, but only basic tips you probably know about taking care of other plants since you were grade school. Check out the following tips on how to cultivate cannabis in your backyard.


Basic and Simple Cultivation Tips

  1. If possible, get your outdoor cannabis strain, as it works best for outdoor cultivation.  Otherwise, you can buy marijuana seeds, too, from a local dealer.
  2. According to expert growers, the best time to grow cannabis is in spring, as the plants have their lifestyle and that they grow taller in springtime and during the first half of summer. They revealed that the female plants usually grow less, as they put much of their energy into the flowers during the end of the summer solstice.
  3. For the best results, you should choose a spot where you plants could receive between four and six hours of sunlight every day. But by saying this does not mean you expose your cannabis plants in the wild or by the roadside where people could see and animals could destroy.
  4. Water them as often to produce healthy plants. You should consider adding nutrients in the water you feed your plants with so that they can be healthy.
  5. You may think of planting in pots, as this gives you an option of moving your plants around; therefore, it will be easier to hide them, if necessary.  One trick of hiding them would be to put them in between other large and leafy plants. This is one of the best tips to learn if you were serious about harvesting your own pot in your garden.
  6. Whether you plant your cannabis directly onto the soil or using pots, you have to make sure that you are using fertile soil. To spot it, quality soil possesses almost black color because it contains perlite or little white pearls and fertilizers. You are lucky if you already have good soil in your garden; otherwise, buy from a landscape company in your community.
  7. After three to five months, your plants will be ready for harvest!


Follow these cultivation tips and harvest your own supply of weed for medical purposes in your garden. Nevertheless, growing and harvesting them is not that hard, right? Happy cannabis harvesting!