Celebrities that Smoke Weed But Don't Hide It

            The use of marijuana among celebrities across the country is not uncommon. While some do it behind closed doors, others are quite open about it. It is in a way part of many celebrities’ lifestyle.

There are several stereotypes associated with the use of Weed – some call weed users are lazy, unmotivated, distracted and what not. But the truth is – those who use weed in the open are least bothered about it. Simply because they don’t consider marijuana a hard drug like a heroine.

Some have even become pot activists. Anyway, listed below are few celebrities who openly smoke weed:

1.    Miley Cyrus

One of the biggest names in the music industry, Miley Cyrus has one of the most vocal personality about weed. Miley has several successful music albums to her name with her Wrecking Ball in 2013 making it to the Billboard 100 list.

She sings and admits to using weed several times. In fact, she even smoked a joint live on stage at the MTV 2013 Europe Music Awards. Without a doubt, she is a very open marijuana user who have confessed several times that she loves weed.


2.    Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson needs no introduction. The British pop singer, songwriter and actor is the member of the popular boy band, One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson and his band member, Zayn Malik shocked the world when they were openly smoking weed in Peru.

The duo were found in a car smoking joint. Louis never denied the video and accepted that he and Zayn were having a toke.


3.    Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is one of those guys who was very open about his pot intake. He admitted to smoking a lot of weed, especially in the early days of his career and when he wrote half baked.

He has even written stories about marijuana. His stand-up classic, Killing Them Softly from 1999, contained stories about purchasing pot from a baby.

He later acknowledged that he quit smoking.


4.    Bill Maher

Bill Maher is among the most successful TV hosts in the United States. A successful stand up career, popular documentaries, Bill had done all.

He has admitted several times that about his fondness for weed. In fact, he is a strong supporter of marijuana legalization. He is a board member of The Marijuana Policy Party and NORML and attends shows frequently to talk about the legalization of marijuana.


5.    Zach Galifianakis

The funny guy from Hangover movie series, Zach Galifianakis, never hid that he smokes weed. Zach has had a very successful career, with movies like Dinner with Schmucks, It’s kind of a funny story, etc.

Zach appeared on Bill Maher’s show, Real Time with Bill Maher and openly discussed the legalization of drugs. He even smoked a joint on the show, which was criticized by several anti-marijuana organizations.


6.    Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion is a popular hip hop artist. In a statement given to the media about marijuana Snoop Lion said, “It makes me feel the way I need to feel.”

 He is one of the most aggressive pot smoker in the country. Though he attempted to quit smoking in 2002, he failed. Snoop Lion claims that he smokes as many as 80 blunts a day.