Going the marijuana way is a great choice if you wish to take the pains worries out of your life, albeit, temporarily. And if you are yet to start, a stellar choice like Sour Diesel is bound to give you the right kicks. To put it simply, it is the most renowned strains of all time and if you haven’t tried it yet, possibly, there are many who have! 

The Lineage. The origins of this famous strain have not been documented well. Some weed critics are of the opinion that that it was derived from a Chemdawg phenotype which is a bit different and more like a Sativa weed. Others are of the opinion that Sour Diesel is a blend of several strains including Original Diesel and unknown phenotype of the skunk origin. Original Diesel in turn is itself a blend of Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Chemdawg and Skunk Phenotype.

The Effect and the Purpose. Sour Diesel is a distinct favorite among medical marijuana patients as well as cannabis fans. The strain possesses a gassy stench which sets it apart from all the other strains and packs in an exciting energy capsule. And since the lineage dates back to Sativa, the strain has also has an impact on the mind. In fact, patients can expect to feel more energetic, alert and even possibly light headed.

Typically, patients prefer to start their day with a Sour Diesel smoke. It makes them feel alert and raring to go. The strain affects the head exclusively. Smokers are not likely to experience a heavy body feeling like is normally the case with other marijuana strains. To put it simply, the smoke is likely to add a touch of perkiness and make one instantly aware of his or her surroundings.

Quality Assessment. Considering the fact that this particular marijuana strain is used for medicinal purposes, a quality assessment is essential, before buying. Ideally, the weed should be adjudged by its smell. As you inhale, the smell must be reminiscent of the overpowering stench of lemons and that of burning gasoline. It must be as pungent as you can possibly endure.   


If weed enthusiasts are to be believed, this particular strain, when bought right and smoked in judicious proportions, can prove to be one of the finest solutions for chronic depression. In fact, it could work wonders for patients struggling with endless bouts of depression.


Conclusion. If you are in quest of a superlative vacation weed, Sour Diesel is your choice. Even though it might not be paranoia inducing or as much mentally engaging, the experience is quite an engaging one. You can indulge in a smoke and still have your head in the right place. However, if you have just started off with weed smoking, consider giving it a slow start. Weed smoking is all about pleasure.

It is always wise to gather as much information as possible before picking your choice of weed.