Strain Review: Trueberry



As any good indica dominant hybrid should, Trueberry is strong both in scent and effects, making it quick to become a favorite to many. This is a strain that is often grown at home and takes roughly 59 days to flower for both normal or feminized seeds – and most importantly it can flourish growing both indoors or outdoors.

What to Expect

A strain described as “impressionable” by breeder Elemental Seeds, this strain was created by crossing True OG with Strawberry Banana and Blackberry plants to create a new hybrid with a potent flavor and aroma palette and a buzz to match. The strain is often described as having the scent of fresh jam, with a hint of piney forest and blackberries – which is exactly what one would expect from its combination of parent plants.

The buds stick to true indica expectations – smaller and more dense, compact, but when ground it breaks out better than expected. Those growing this strain will find that it produces a rather generous yield when taken care of – ranging from the medium to higher end of what you should expect out of most plants.

Medicinal Benefits

For anyone looking for a strong medicine that is stimulating for both the body and mind, Trueberry is going to be an excellent option. The effects of this strain come on rather strong and are often first felt in the head – but soon can be felt throughout the body as a relaxing and can be considered heavy, especially for those who are new to medicating with cannabis.

However, for anyone in need of relief from physical aches and pains, or overwhelming stress, this strain should be a go-to. You will likely find yourself relaxed, happy, and perhaps with a case of the munchies or even feeling a bit tired – making this also a good option for anyone who needs to stimulate their appetite or beat insomnia.