We all know that Cannabis or Marijuana is now legal to be used in some parts of the world. However, there are still countries and other states that do not really embrace the legal use of this plant. This article will focus on stressing out the top 10 most recommended marijuana strains. However, before that, you must understand what marijuana really is.

What is Marijuana?

Most, if not all of us, have already heard the word “marijuana” many times. However, despite the fact that this word is commonly used now these days, there are still people who do not know what it is.

Marijuana is the common name for Cannabis. It has other names that are commonly used these days. Some of its slang names are pot, weeds, ganja, bud, grass, herb and Mary Jane. Marijuana is a greenish mixture of dried and shredded leaves or flowers. It is known to provide health benefits to many people.

What Are the Marijuana Strains?

There are a lot of marijuana strains out there. However, we will only present to you the top 10 marijuana strains. These are the following:

1.)  Gas Marijuana

Gas marijuana is graded A+.  It comes in a very light green color and it smells sweet – a fruity smell. It also has a fruity taste. Its effects are very strong. It can give you a dreamy and floaty feeling. It makes you happy and talkative. It is known to be a good strain for vomiting, nausea, cancer, aids and many more.

2.)  Jack Herer Marijuana

Jack here is graded A. It is a combination of Sativa and Indica types. It has a skunky smell and it has a great taste. It is listed as a perfect strain for stress and depression.

3.)  Blueberry Marijuana

This kind of marijuana is graded A. It is known to be 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa. It has the smell of fruit berry aroma and has the taste of a blueberry. It can give you a long-lasting euphoric experience. It is a good strain for pain, stress and many more.

4.)  Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana

It is graded AA++. It has a very nice smell and flavor. It actually tastes like banana and orange with a bit of spiciness. It is known to be among the best strains in the whole world. It is a good strain for chronic pain and many more.

5.)   Chocolate Chunk Marijuana

Chocolate chunk marijuana is graded A+. It has an earthy and forest-like smell. It also has an earthy taste, but it also has a unique chocolate aftertaste. It is a good strain for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia and many more.

The top six to ten strains of Marijuana are Juicy Fruit marijuana, Edison Og marijuana, Ray Beary marijuana, King Louis XIII marijuana and Mother of Berries marijuana. Remember that these are only good strains when they are taken moderately. Those people who excessively consume any of these strains are already considered as illegal users of marijuana.