Cannabis cooking could be fun. Adding a dash of weed to your regular recipe would pack in a real punch! However, weed based recipes need to be planned well. It is not essentially as simple as adding a handful of crushed weed to your cookie or cake batter. You will first need to master the art of Cannabis extraction.

Cannabis contains a compound called THC which is soluble in oil based solvents. This THC is responsible for the coveted highs you dream of after consuming a weed cookie or a weed based brownie. THC cannot be blended directly to recipes since most of it would be thrown out of your system if you consume it as it is. You need to first extract it in an oil base and then add the compound to your recipe. Some of the most preferred extraction methods have been discussed here.


Cannaoil with Virgin Olive Oil

Cannaoil is prepared when you extract marijuana in olive oil. You need to begin by grinding marijuana buds into a fine powder. Take a thick bottomed frying pan and spread the marijuana powder on it. Ensure that the heat is dispersed evenly. Now pour any virgin oil over this powder and simmer for about 2 to 6 hours.

The longer you keep the better it is. However, an average duration of 2 hours is considered optimum. Stir the mix up after every half hour using a wooden spatula. Once the simmering is complete, pour this musky mix into a filter and thoroughly strain it. This is will result in smooth Cannaoil with zero residues.

Cannaoil - Weed depot.jpg

Freshly Prepared Cannaoil


Cannabutter is prepared when you are using butter as an extraction medium for the THC present in Cannabis.  When you use butter instead of oil, it is important to remember that the butter tends to burn faster than olive oil. Therefore, using a frying fan would not do. You will need to use a double boiler here for simmering the marijuana powder in butter before extracting it through straining.

Set up the double boiler by placing a large pot half filled with water, on the gas and then a smaller pan with butter sticks inside it. As the butter melts, add the marijuana powder and simmer for as long as you can. Strain through a coffee filter to get your clear marijuana butter.

Cannabis Coconut Oil

You need to start by grinding the buds in a coffee grinder. However, refrain from making it too powdery. Take a crockpot and add coconut oil and fill it with enough water so that the oil floats in the pot. Liquefy the oil on high. Now add the bud powder bit by bit and stir continuously. Turn down the heat and continue to stir periodically.

You could monitor the temperature with a thermometer. Keep it below 320 for preventing the THC from burning off. Keep simmering for about 12 hours and remove. Allow to cool and strain through cheesecloth. Refrigerate overnight. 

Cannabis coconut oil - Weed Depot.jpg

Cannabis Coconut Oil

You can decide on your pick, depending upon the recipe at hand.