Marijuana advertising is a concept that can make some conservatives winced. This is because people are not used to blatant advertising of a substance that has been underground for quite a long time.

Recreational use of marijuana is still in the midst of battle as most states prohibit its use. Advocates push the legalization of marijuana in order for people to have freedom smoking a joint. After the legalization of the use of the said substance, there are roadblocks on the marketing and advertising of marijuana. The following are the top places where one can advertise marijuana.

Online Ads

The main place where marijuana growers, distributors, and retailers can advertise their products is within the realm of the World Wide Web. Developing a website can be beneficial for the stores and will make it easier for users to locate your business. Moreover, information about the business and its products can be placed on the website. However, one of the limitations of online advertising is selling the products online. The law states businesses are not allowed to use the website to sell the products as all marijuana for recreational purposes must be sold in licensed dispensaries.

In addition, businesses can also exploit the perks offered by social media. However, it must be used responsibly so that it will not appeal to people under the age of 21. The law strictly prohibits marketing to underage consumers. Ads, including statements and images, should not be misleading and should not use children consuming the substance. In addition, ads should not promote over consumption and portray marijuana to have therapeutic effects.

Print Advertising

The print media is another place where marijuana-related sellers can put up their ads. Newspapers are a good to start in placing advertisements. Leafly, an app dubbed as “Yelp of Weed,” placed a full page ad on The New York Times last year. In a press statement, Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy said, “Our advertisement in The New York Times is a responsible, mainstream message that elevates the conversation about cannabis in the U.S.”

Ads about marijuana can also be placed in magazines and in other publications as long as the target market of these publications is not children. In addition, flyers can be very helpful in spreading the word out there. However, the ads should always follow the restrictions of putting up an ad.

New Media

New media refers to new technology like mobile devices. These devices opened new doors for marketing and advertising. There are apps related to marijuana are already available. Ads can be placed inside these apps. Apps can also be developed by businesses like Leafly – the app has an extensive listing of the different marijuana dispensaries in every state where it is legal for medical or recreational purposes. The app shows the stores’ contact info, locations, and menus.  The app aims to educate users about the once-supposed illicit street drug.

Meanwhile, advertisers should steer away from radio and TV ads at the moment. According to the law marijuana ads “in any form through any medium whatsoever within one-thousand feet of the perimeter of a school ground, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park or library, or any game arcade admission to which is not restricted to persons aged twenty-one years or older.” Lawbreakers will be fined $1,000 for each violation.