After states settle whether to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana, states can start worrying about how to start marketing and advertising the substance.

Marijuana is a social stigma because cannabis spent decades classified as Schedule I drug. Before it was banned in the country, cannabis is a drug prescribed by doctors and can be bought in pharmacies. Cannabis is reported to cure some rare diseases, but formal researches and studies about the subject matter has not been undertaken because of the government’s lack of support to such endeavors.

However, marijuana advertising and marketing will play an immense role for the society’s acceptance of the substance as a legal narcotic. This is because ads can be used to influence the perception of the public. Entering the mainstream will alter the general opinion of the users. The following is another set of five effective marijuana advertising and marketing strategies that can be used for the promotion of the substance.

1. In-App Advertising

The advent of mobile devices gives rise to the development of various applications embedded in devices like smartphones and tablets. Advertisers then explored the benefits of these apps and in-apps were born. Apps related to marijuana such as Leafly, which is the dubbed as the “Yelp for Weed”. Advertising in apps means that the businesses are already targeting marijuana users using the apps.

2. Public Vehicles

While it is legal for businesses related that to marijuana can advertise in vinyl-wrapped public vehicles, it is very risky since the law prohibits placing ads 1000 square inch from certain areas like schools and churches. Since public vehicles are basically moving from one place to another. It may park right outside restricted premises. However, public vehicles can be very effective since it moves in various neighborhoods and has a wider range compared to other forms of traditional marketing.

3. Items (tissues, coasters, etc.)

Another effective form of marijuana marketing is through various items. It is no longer new that users can enjoy a puff of the joint in private clubs. Private clubs and dispensaries can put their brands and logos on tissues and coasters as well as other paraphernalia that can cause a recall to consumers. This can be an effective form of advertising, especially to get loyal clientele for your business.

4. Apparel (Caps, t-shirts, etc.)

We often see shirts celebrating marijuana. Reggae master Bob Marley is a popular icon for marijuana users. The law allows business to create apparel or garments to sport cannabis as long as it does not use children and does not promote overconsumption.

5. Educational tours

Marijuana growers can explore opening educational tours to show how marijuana is produced and dried, or until it is cooked to become edibles. This form of advertising can also be beneficial for the company as well as the whole cannabis industry. It can add credibility to the company that it opens its doors to the public giving a connotation that nothing illegal is happening inside the production of the substance. Meanwhile, it can also be beneficial to spread information about marijuana and its benefits. Thus, it will concurrently raise the awareness and knowledge about marijuana.

Marijuana marketing is of vital importance if US is moving towards in approving the substance. Companies should be ready in entering the mainstream. Advertising must reach a large number of people in order to be an effective marketing strategy.

Still looking for other advertising or marketing ideas for your marijuana products? Wait for the last part of this series.