Marketing and advertising marijuana can be very challenging since marijuana spent the longest time classified as a Schedule I drug. Cannabis used to be a legal medication prescribed by doctors and can be purchased in pharmacies. However, it was banned after a black propaganda against the drug was spread.

Now, the society is reverting back and is recognizing the benefits of recreational and medical marijuana use. Marijuana use is now in the midst of a legal battle in most US states. Currently, only Washington and Colorado allow the freedom to grow, sell, buy, and use marijuana in private clubs and certain public festivals.

For the final part of the series, the following are the effective strategies in marketing marijuana. Below is another set of five marijuana marketing and advertising strategies that marijuana growers and retailers may use in order to promote their business or product.

1. Snail mail or eMail

Businesses can use mail correspondence to connect to potential or existing customers. Mail can contain a newsletter with latest news about your products or it can contain information about what your business is offering. This can be a good marijuana marketing strategy for it fosters good relationship between the seller and the consumer. However, the law prohibits eMail or snail mail should not include coupons for the different strains of marijuana.

2. Billboards

Billboards can also be used to grab the attention of consumers. Its advantage is its massive size and strategic location to reach the clients. However, the location of the billboard must be 1000 square inches away from schools or churches. In addition, the ad must follow rules about marijuana ads such as it should not be false or misleading. It should also not appeal to young children or use children to promote marijuana use.

3. Events, trades, and fairs

Marijuana-related businesses can attend events, trades, and fairs that have connection with cannabis. In Colorado, the government allows businesses in some festivals and trade fairs to promote their products. Specifically, businesses can attend hemp fest type of events, but they should not have any product at hand. Producers can also enter the Cannabis Cup, but the business cannot sponsor, donate, or gift their products.

4. Online banner ads

Marijuana-related businesses that opted for online advertising can make use of banner ads in promoting their businesses. However, such banner ads will only appear on websites that are related to your business. This could be a great marketing strategy as the surfers visiting the websites are most probably marijuana users or people interested about the product. The target market is already set making it easier for businesses to attract clients.

5. Content/Article marketing

To increase traffic in your website, one of the strategies that can be used is content or article marketing. This will involve the use of keywords that will drive surfers to your website. Moreover, web content can be utilized to inform the consumers about your product or services. Furthermore, it can be informative to proliferate knowledge and dispel misconception about marijuana among consumers.

Marketing marijuana is an inevitable step once the substance is legalized in United States. Upon legalization, cannabis will become a regular product that will be advertised and marketed in the mainstream market. Are we ready to see the product in the public and in our newspapers? Moreover, are we ready to see and purchase the substance in our local stores or neighborhoods? It is believed that although legislators approved the use of the substance, it will encounter various roadblocks in marketing, especially the strongholds of society’s norms.