Some people still cannot appreciate the health benefits of Cannabis. Why? It is either they still do not know what it can offer or they are close to the idea of using Cannabis for health treatment. Once you know how this plant can actually benefit you, you might want to legalize this all over the world.

What Is Cannabis?

Before we discuss about the health benefits of Cannabis, let us first discuss what it is. Cannabis is commonly known as Marijuana. For so long, the use of this plant was considered to be illegal all over the world. Nonetheless, some parts of the world have already made its use to be legal, as long as it is for health purposes.

Cannabis is actually a flowering plant genus. It has three known varieties. These three varieties of Cannabis are known to originally come from the South and Central Asia. These are the three kinds of Cannabis:

1.)  Cannabis sativa

2.)  Cannabis indica

3.)  Cannabis ruderalis

Is Cannabis and Marijuana the Same?

Some people think that Cannabis and Marijuana are not the same. Some people even think it is legal to use Cannabis, while it is illegal to use Marijuana. The truth is that both Cannabis and Marijuana means the same thing when we are talking about drug. However, when talking botanically, we only use the term Cannabis and not Marijuana.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis?

It has been known to most, if not all, of us that Cannabis offers great health benefits. What are unknown are the specific health benefits it offers. Below are the top 5 health benefits that we can get from taking Cannabis:

1.)  It can prevent blindness from glaucoma.

Marijuana can actually be used in order to fight an eye disease named glaucoma. Glaucoma is known to be a disease that increases the pressure in the eyeball causing a damaged optic nerve, which can lead to total blindness.

Cannabis can be very effective in decreasing the pressure in our eyes. This just means that there is no way to deny that it is great for preventing glaucoma. If you already have glaucoma, then it is much more recommended for you to use Cannabis to prevent its progression and prevent blindness.

2.)  It is good for the lungs.

Unlike cigarettes or tobacco, Marijuana is actually good for your lungs as it helps you increase your lung capacity. There was a research before that resulted to the findings that tobacco users lost their lung function through the years of using cigarettes. On the other hand, pot users increased their lung capacity.

3.)  It helps control epileptic seizure.

Cannabis is also known to be a good cure for epileptic seizure. It is reported that pot users who are epileptic are no longer getting as much epileptic seizure attacks as before.

4.)   It helps cancer cells from spreading.

Cannabis is also known as a great medicinal plant for preventing cancer cells from spreading. This is why those who suffer from cancer are recommended to use Cannabis for medical purposes.

5.)  It helps decrease anxiety.

We all know that anxiety is common these days, right? It is also difficult to fight it. However, with Cannabis, you can decrease it in just a short period of time.

Aside from these top 5 health benefits of Cannabis, there are still more medical purposes it serves. This is why the medical of Marijuana has already been legalized in other parts of the world. Do you think it is beneficial for us to legalize its use in the whole world?