Top Five New Consumer Cannabis Products


The cannabis industry is always evolving and changing, and there are new products coming out all the time. The best way to find out what’s out there is to do some online research, or to simply visit your local dispensary and see what they have to offer. Here are a few products you shouldn’t pass up when looking for new marijuana-laced goodies.



Transdermal Pain Patches

According to Cashinbis, pain patches and other pain topicals are an up-and-coming line of products. Because they can’t really get you high and are more for medical help, these items are more likely to spread and be legalized in more areas. Check out a pain patch to help with that trouble spot that ibuprofen just isn’t cutting it for.


Elixers and Mixers

Infused drinks have already been a major hit, and now the new trend is more concentrated drinks that can be mixed with alcoholic beverages (safely and in moderation, of course) or to create a mock-tail that packs more of a punch than Shirley Temples. Cashinbis reports there are a lot of new brands to check out.


Vape Pens

Another popular new way to smoke is to simply vape. Now it’s easier than ever. Headset reports that vapor pens rank number five for cannabis products. You can pick up disposable cartridges full of oil to connect to a battery, or simply by an entirely disposable pen.



While the concept of cannabis pills may sound odd, it’s actually a great way to ingest, especially for medical patients. Headset reports that they are number nine as far as cannabis product use goes. Because they cut out having to ingest any calories or inhale any smoke or vapor, many prefer the pills as a healthy option.


Coffee Pods

Everyone knows that mixing the buzz of caffeine and cannabis can help you get a lot done.  Now, according to Colorado Pot Guide, you can buy infused K-cup pods for coffee makers that are infused with cannabis. That way, you can have that sought-after buzz every single morning.