If you are seeking a heady blend of extraordinary flavors that are in perfect harmony with each other, Ultra Sonja is certainly your pick. You can resort to it for its phenomenal impact and that feeling of complete bliss you have been seeking from a perfect pot session.

Nature and Essence. Ultra Sonja is a sativa dominant strain that was originally found in the U.K. It blends the unusual flavors of Tang Tang and Cheese which has been inherited from parent strains. Just as you would relish the pairing of wine and cheese, this particular strain combines deep fruity undertones with a sour and kind of funky scent.

You can experience a kind of dairy dankness and a bubble gum like aroma, all blended into each other. Despite the distinct nature of the individual flavors, they tones complement each other and give out a rich aroma. 

Appearance. The appearance of the dense Ultra Sonja is purple hued. In fact, most bud enthusiasts recognize this strain from its distinct purple tinged hue. However, there are other phenotypes too which possess dark green or orange hairs. Irrespective of the colors, the bud structure is dense in most variants and holds up for a good squish. It also gives a frosty feel with amber hued trichomes. 

The Impact. Being a proven strain that is most often chosen for its superlative results, Ultra Sonja is bound to impress. Whether you have chosen this strain of Cannabis for a momentary relief from a nagging ache or pain or simply diverting your mind from an issue that might be troubling you, this marijuana strain proves to be the ideal solution.

After you have had a couple of smokes, you will suddenly find the nagging pain disappearing and a sudden onset of cheeriness and carefree air about you. However, despite all the respite the strain offers you, it is not one that would go over the top. You would not be bouncing around creating discord for others, Apart from delivering results as desired; the pot also ensures that you stay balanced.

Besides, if you have been suffering from sleeplessness owing to physical pains or psychological worries, this pot could definitely improve upon your sleep patterns. You will notice much more restful and extended period of sleep without undue disruptions.

A Balanced Approach. What makes a marijuana strain score over all others is the comfort it generates. Pot smoking is all about relaxation, fun, tranquility, exhilaration, all packed into one in a balanced form. A strain that throws you out of your own is not one of the best ones to bank upon. You always need to be at ease, yet in total control.

And this is where a tried and tested strain like Ultra Sonja scores over others. However, if you are a beginner, consider starting slow and work up your intensity as you scale heights of pleasure in total comfort. Remember, if you choose a wrong pot, you will end up worrying over it more than enjoying the sheer experience.