Before, people see marijuana only as something that can destroy not only the health of people, but their sanity, as well. But today, there goes a growing a population of the marijuana community – of the people who have open minds about the use of such, the people who are producing marijuana products, the people who are investing in the industry, the people who are working for the industry, the people who are fighting for the legalization of such, the people who cultivate cannabis plant and more. Now, let us learn further about what has brought about the increase in the population of the marijuana community.

The Legalization Of Marijuana Usage In Various States

The legalization of using marijuana in different US states, of course, has contributed to the growth of the marijuana community. It has become acceptable to more people to use it and it has even become normal for some to use it in public places. There are even restaurants which serve edible marijuana to their customers. Indeed, allowing the use of marijuana to become a normal activity in people’s daily lives, one would no longer have to wonder why the marijuana community has grown.

The Profitability That Comes With Growing Cannabis

With the demand for more and more supplies of cannabis, one cannot deny the profitability that the industry can offer. Marijuana can be used in so many ways. There are companies who have already taken benefit in producing medical drugs that people can use to treat their illnesses. There are also commercial, private companies and even individuals, which have found the benefit in investing and owning marijuana farms and selling edible marijuana. Just by seeing the amount of profit that can be generated from growing cannabis plant, it is already obvious why people are joining the marijuana community.

The Belief That It is Better Than Alcohol Consumption

Finally, many people that consuming marijuana products is safer compared to alcohol consumption. This goes with people who use marijuana for recreational purposes. Having the thought in their minds that consuming marijuana, especially when consumed through edible marijuana treats and not through inhalation, is safer compared to the liver problems that they can get when they drink alcohol, many people have already switched to joining the marijuana community and leaving behind the terrifying effects that they can get when they stick to alcoholism, whenever they wish to have fun.


Despite all the things mentioned above, the huge population of people who are against the consumption of marijuana remains relevant. There are still the ones who wish to have the legalization of marijuana cultivation in certain US states withdrawn to prevent the spread of the health risks that come with it and to keep their sons and daughters away from the addiction to such kind of “drug.”

People have different views when it comes to the use of marijuana – some see the benefits that come with it, while others think that it can only bring harm to people. Whichever view you may take, make sure that you understand the pros and cons of both, first, before you pick your side.