For years, the use of marijuana has been getting a bad rap, especially for thinking that such is addictive and harmful, but modern science suggests otherwise. In fact, the benefits of cannabis for health are widespread, long-term and far-reaching. It is able to relax the whole body and aids in proper breathing. Today, there are many potential health benefits discovered for using cannabis in medicine. Check out this post to understand better.


The Many Health Benefits of Marijuana

  • Cannabis, according to Harvard Medical School, may alleviate the effects of anxiety, as it can relax the brain and eliminate negative thoughts, although high doses may cause paranoia. Therefore, experts suggest consulting your doctor about it before using marijuana against anxiety.
  • One of the killer diseases in the world is cancer, a disease that is said to be curable or preventable by cannabis, but research on this is still a work in progress, although initial findings discovered that cannabis can turn off the ld-1 gene, the one responsible for spreading cancer cells, according to the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Nevertheless, marijuana on cancer may prove to be promising cure for people suffering from this disease. Future developments are expected to be concluded in the coming years, although patients keep their high hopes on cannabidiol, the substance said to have the ability of stopping cancer cells from spreading.
  • According to experts, it can slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a common illness suffered by the aging population, and this idea is backed up by the researchers at the Scripps Research Institute, which they published in the journal for Molecular Pharmaceutics.
  • One of the most popular claims today is that cannabis may help in getting rid of the pain associated with arthritis and other joint disorders. In this light, people suffering from rheumatic and arthritis pain may find new hope in battling their condition by asking their doctor about this healing option, but of course, it will all depend if their state and federal law permits medical marijuana applications.
  • Another potential health benefit of marijuana, according to the studies conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University is that it may have the ability of stopping seizures, as per animal studies yielded.


Still a long, long way to go for many, but the promising health benefits of cannabis cannot be doubted. Nevertheless, patients and their families keep their fingers crossed and that are looking for answers, once and for all.