Interestingly enough, 23 states, including the District of Colombia, have spoken about the potential cures marijuana could give patients after long-standing debates and protests on the matter. And seriously, even the legislators are starting to see the good, instead of the bad, sides of marijuana. Right now, the remaining states that have not legalized marijuana are not closing their doors on legalizing marijuana. Today, let’s talk about what might have made the legislators change their minds and started backing up the use of medical marijuana. Here are some illnesses or disorders it could help patients with.


Treatment of seizures associated with epilepsy is another medical use of cannabis, according to research in which it has been proven to help patients suffering, not only from Epilepsy but also from Tourette disorder.  On a daily basis, cannabis oil, when used properly, can stop any seizures happening due to these illnesses.  Most parents recognize such use of cannabis oil in treating their children with epilepsy, and for them, it has been a great help.


For many years, cannabis is touted to be one of the most effective solutions in treating glaucoma in patients who have experienced consistent effects for using marijuana for treatment.  Most of them resorted to it after they had tried all the remedies and solutions but found no cure at all. Over time, marijuana has helped glaucoma patients in many parts of the world.


Main reason to change of hearts and favoring the use of medical marijuana is that it’s proven to help patient recover from pain, for instance. Aside from that it can alleviate pain symptoms known in diseases, including arthritis.

Most people ask prescription of cannabis for pain management, as it turns out that the compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis is great for pain relief. Studies revealed how this compound could help in activating nervous system pathways and then works in blocking the pain signals coming to the brain. Therefore, marijuana is said to help in nerve-related and neuropathic pain.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Another common medical use of cannabis is battling off PTSD in patients due to its THC content that is causing feelings of high and consequently causing temporary memory impairment. Although this may cause raise eyebrows to the opponents of medicinal marijuana, this benefit coming from it could help patients who continuously suffer from agitation, flashbacks and nightmares.

Lyme Disease

Known as a neurological disease, Lyme disorder is one that medical marijuana could cure, according to studies. By inhaling marijuana vapors or smoking pot can alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Alternatively, people could use cannabis oil that can help in treating all types of discomfort and pain associated with Lyme disease because it is highly potent and concentrated with high amounts of THC, which eventually helps patients relieve joint pain, seizures and improve appetite among patients.

Soon enough, with experiments, research and studies, more medical uses of marijuana are expected to surface and to help patients, eventually. Check with your state or federal law about specific regulations on medical marijuana use.