It’s been a long journey for patients seeking medical marijuana to treat their illness. From not having access to pot legally at all to now being able to purchase it from authorized dispensaries, patients have witnessed the change.

The list of people seeking marijuana to cure their health conditions is only increasing with time. As a result, the number of people wanting to get medical marijuana card is also increasing.

So today, we will help you understand what medical marijuana card is and how to get one.

What is Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical marijuana ID card is an identification card given by the state authorities that proves that you’re authorized to access marijuana legally for medical purposes. In order to get medical marijuana, it is mandatory to display your medical marijuana ID card – otherwise, you would be denied of it.

There are several benefits of gaining the cannabis card; some of them are:

  1. With a medical marijuana card, you can get medical pot – legally.
  2. The cost of legal medical weed would obviously be lot lesser than the weed you can get from the street.
  3. Having a medical marijuana card also allows you to use only the prescribed amount of marijuana.
  4. You could be safe from getting arrested if you’re found with marijuana, provided that you have only the recommended amount of weed with you. Nevertheless, marijuana ID card makes it easy to carry the drug.

By now, you may have got quite good understanding of what medical marijuana card is. Now, let us learn how to get the card.

How to Get Medical Marijuana ID Card?

The process of getting the cannabis card is different in different same. Although it is not drastically unique.

Few steps that you could take to get your ID card are mentioned below:

1. Before you do anything, you need to visit a licensed medical marijuana physician, who gives recommendations to the patients. You can find a list medical marijuana doctors in United Patients Group medical marijuana doctors’ directory.

 2. Approach the doctor, discuss your illness with him and get him to recommend you the use of medical marijuana. Ask him to give you an official recommendation letter mentioning about your medical case, cannabis required, etc. This will pave way for you to receive the ID card.

 3. Once you receive the recommendation, you can now apply for the card with the state. Based on your medical condition, marijuana physician’s recommendation letter and the state government can approve your application for a marijuana card.

 4. You can then pay the government fees required for gaining medical marijuana card. Most cards and recommendation letters have a validity of one year, so you can use it for a whole year – without any hassles.

 5. After the fee payment, you can expect to receive the ID card within 10-45 days depending upon the state you live in.

Follow this simple procedure and you should receive your marijuana card with ease. Then you can visit any authorized dispensary with your cannabis and buy it