How do you think legalizing pot will change the American marijuana culture? An overwhelming number of Americans think that the legalization of marijuana all around the U.S. is inevitable. After Colorado and Washington’s decision to decriminalize the commercial sale and recreational use of weed, more and more states are now trying to come up with a decision on whether to do the same thing or not.

Among those that support the legalization of the use of pot are Nevada, California and Montana plus half-dozen other states. What do you think majority of Americans have to say about this?


As state and national organizers are seeing that the best chance to push for the legalization of marijuana is the year 2016, the advocates in the state are yet to mount a significant effort to get this move of legalization on the ballot in the coming election. Part of Nevada’s marijuana culture is its legalization of the use of medical cannabis.

Two years ago, Nevada passed a measure that established a dispensary system to aid in increasing access for its sick citizens. One of the recent polls found that 56% of Nevadans are in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use if the money that is earned out of the sale is used to fund education.


There was a statewide program to legalize the sale of marijuana in California in 2010 but it failed yet reformers are hopeful that they will find success in the next coming years. While there are many people who are in favor of the legalization of weed in the state, some famous figures have advised the organizers to not push it until 2016. As per marijuana culture in the state, it’s been legalized and decriminalized for medical use.


This state has had checkered marijuana culture. Back in the year 2004, the state voters passed an initiative to decriminalize cannabis for medical use but opponents have since taken different steps to revise the initiative. The reform advocates are optimistic that the voters will support the legalization and put it in the ballot in 2016. As for Montana, there is no statewide survey conducted yet gauging the people’s support for the legalization of pot although the past few polls have showed the most of the Montana voters support the full legalization of marijuana.

New York

The advocates of marijuana have high hopes that New York will be the third state in the U.S. to decriminalize pot. The state has legalized the possession of cannabis already but there are still harsh penalties for those who are caught using it in public places. As for the most recent poll about the people’s opinion on the legalization of pot, it showed that more than 80% of New Yorkers support the use of medical marijuana.

With more and more people recognizing the help that pot offers in many sick people’s lives, it’s very likely that marijuana will continue to gather support in the next coming years. Will it be legalized nationwide in the years to come?

Considering the increasing realization that it has real medical benefits, it can be expected that all states will end up supporting its legalization. Indeed, America’s marijuana culture is undergoing a major change.