Almost every day on TV, you may see advocates of the marijuana community fighting and organizing protests for them to achieve their freedom to cultivate, produce products of and consume marijuana. While other people do not understand why they are putting their efforts in doing such, their advocacies still remain, as well as their eagerness to do what they have been doing until they get what they have been fighting for. Now, if you are among the people who wish to get a clearer understanding of the advocacies of the marijuana community, here are three points for you.


The biggest goal of the marijuana community and the main reason why they engage in protests and the likes is to make marijuana cultivation and consumption legal in their states. In states such as Colorado and Oregon, the use of marijuana for recreational and medical use has already been legalized. There are also states wherein marijuana is only legal for medical purposes and states where the cultivation, possession and consumption of such are completely prohibited. What advocates of the marijuana community wish to achieve is the complete legalization of marijuana in all US states. Though it is not that easy to achieve, they still do their best in doing so. There are also other people who fight for the legalization of marijuana in certain states, for them to be able to expand their businesses and gain more profit with the bigger market that the legalization can bring them.

Medical Marijuana

Just like what was mentioned earlier, there are states in the US where only the use of marijuana for medical purposes is allowed. But in US states where they do not allow and tolerate such argument, there also exist advocates who believe in the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant who continue to fight for the legalization of it. This is the case of states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, North Dakota and more. 

Anti-Marijuana Campaigns

However, no matter how hard these people fight for their right to cultivate and consume marijuana and marijuana products, there are still anti-marijuana campaigns that hinder their advocacies. Well, people have different views when it comes to the use of marijuana, especially for recreational purposes. There are also the ones who go on anti-marijuana campaigns with the belief that starting the use of such can lead to addiction and this is not something that they want their sons and daughters to experience in the future. Others also believe that the psychoactive effects of marijuana can lead people to having thoughts that can make them do inappropriate things to other people.

While people have different perspectives when it comes to the use of marijuana, and while they have their reasons why they want the cultivation and consumption of such to be legalized in their states, there will always be people who will think otherwise and will go against them. But with reasonable and strong arguments, the legalization of marijuana in their respective areas is not a case of impossibility.