Marijuana is perhaps among the most controversial drugs ever. While some say it is immensely helpful in treating certain medical conditions, many others say, it is harmful and has adverse impact on people using it.

In the following blogpost, you’re going to learn about what marijuana is, where it is found and how it is commonly used around the world. So read on…


What is Marijuana?

Marijuana, which has several names including weed, herb, pot, grass, Mary Jane, is a grey mixture of the dried, leaves, flowers of the Indian hemp plant. Cannabis, on the other hand, describes any of the various drugs created with the Indian hemp and it includes Marijuana.

Marijuana is often referred as a hallucinogen – a drug which makes an individual distort the reality and perceive the world differently. And the ingredient which causes the distortion in human mind is called as “THC.”

Depending the amount of THC present in Marijuana, an individual may feel the distortion. The amount of distortion in a given batch of Marijuana has only increased in the given months.

Where Is Marijuana Grown and Where is It Popularly Used?

Most of the Marijuana cultivation is often done in remote areas on public lands. Every year hundreds and thousands of marijuana trees are destroyed because of it being illegal. Since 1997, over 3000 metric tons, have been destroyed in National Forests in the United States.

Apart from those remote areas, Marijuana is also cultivated in many different parts of the world including Panama, South America, Nepal, and India.

According to the CBS News report, Marijuana is most used in America. And an estimated 50% of that pot is cultivated in the US itself.

Over 10% of Americans have accepted to have toked at least occasionally. And, out of all the states in the US, it is used most widely in Alaska where almost 16% of people have admitted to have used it in the past year.

How is Marijuana Used?

Marijuana is used across the world in various different ways even though it is largely illegal. There are, however, several states in the US that are legalizing medical marijuana one after the other. The most recent legalization of medical marijuana was done in the state of Colorado.

According to some marijuana experts, it has both positive and negative effects on human brain / body. While it has several side-effects, it is definitely helpful in treating certain diseases. Few of its common benefits are as follows:

  1. For treating Glaucoma
  2. Can control epileptic seizures
  3. Even said to be preventing Cancer from spreading
  4. Helps decreasing anxiety and pain of Multiple Sclerosis

Marijuana is – without a doubt – one of the most talked about drug in the history. While there are many who get addicted to it and indulge in illegal intake; there are few who’re realizing its medical benefits and are voicing for legalizing it. Hopefully, it would be medical use of marijuana would be legalized soon.

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