Before, the use of Cannabis (or simply called as Marijuana) is illegal in all parts of the world. Now, many states and countries have legalized its use. We cannot deny that the use of pot has been gaining popularity as more and more people have started using it. Do you want to know why the number of pot users keeps on increasing? We will reveal that in this article.

What Is Marijuana?

Before we tell you why there are more and more people who are using Cannabis. Let us first understand what it really is. Most people think that it is always associated with addiction. Yes, it is true that some people use it because they are addicted to it. What these people do not know is that there are also other people who use it for medical purposes.

Cannabis is a herbal plant. It can offer health benefits. In fact, it is already used as medicinal plant nowadays. This is the reason why it has been legalized.

Why Is Marijuana Getting Popular?

The very reason why the use of marijuana is getting popular is due to the fact that more and more states and countries are legalizing its use. This just means that pre-existing users and interested people can now use it without having the fear to be put in jail.

The second reason why the use of marijuana has been popular these days is due to the fact that it can offer so many health benefits. People use it for their health purposes.

One fact about marijuana is that it cures and prevents depression. How many people do suffer from depression? Well, we might not know the exact figure, but we all know there are too many of them. Just consider if all of them would use marijuana, then this means the number of users will definitely increase. That is just for those who are suffering from depression alone. How much more if we add all the good strains of marijuana, right?

What Are the Health Benefits of Marijuana?

There are so many health benefits that marijuana can offer. Nonetheless, we will only tell you two of its health benefits to avoid a very long list. So, these are the beneficial effects of using marijuana:

1.)  It increases our lung capacity.

Unlike the use of cigarette or tobacco that actually loses our lung function in the long run, the use of marijuana helps us to increase our lung capacity. This simply means that it is good for our lungs.

2.)  It prevents epileptic attack

Those who are suffering from epilepsy will find marijuana as an effective cure. It actually reduces the risk of getting an epileptic attack.

Those are just two of the many benefits of marijuana. Other benefits include the preventing anxiety, boosting appetite, reducing stress and many more. Considering the fact that marijuana has a lot of medical use, it is no wonder that the use of it is getting more and more popular all throughout the whole world.