Are there benefits that those who are living a marijuana lifestyle can expect out of smoking weed? If there are, what are those? A lot of people are saying that smoking marijuana doesn’t bring any good to the body but for some, they find it better compared to tobacco cigarette and the reasons why they think so vary from one person to another.

Marijuana smoking, at moderate levels, is believed to bring about a number of health benefits. If you want to know why a lot of people choose to smoke weed over tobacco, this article will write down a number of practical reasons so keep reading.

  • Smoking pot slows down the growth of tumor. While many people are saying that smoking weed causes the growth of tumor because a person is basically inhaling smoke just like cigarette, there isn’t any truth to this claim. Cigarette smoking causes tumor because tobacco is radiated but this isn’t the same thing with marijuana.

As a matter of fact, a study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research on people with tobacco and marijuana lifestyle has discovered that smoking pot actually slows down the growth of tumor in the breasts and the brain.

  • Marijuana combats anxiety and depression. A study conducted in 2005 on people living a marijuana lifestyle found that those people who smoke weed on a regular basis tend to have lower depressive symptoms compared to those who are smoking tobacco.

If taken in small doses, marijuana can also relieve anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

  • It helps treat cramps and discomfort. Smoking tobacco has a lot of side effects and many people think of the same way with marijuana without them knowing that it offers a number of benefits for the body. It can actually be used as a treatment for cramps and discomfort that causes premenstrual syndrome in women.
  • Marijuana increases lung air flow rates and capacity. Whether you’re following a marijuana lifestyle or not, you might be thinking that it has the same effect on the body as tobacco smoking. Well, a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham has found that cigarette smoking is bad for the lungs but when talking about marijuana smoking, it’s a different story. Occasional use of marijuana was found to increase the air flow rates in the lungs and increase the organ’s capacity.
  • Habitual smoking of marijuana is less harmful than cigarette. While these two have many similarities as far as smoke contents are concerned, it’s been found by research that smoking marijuana every day is less harmful on the lungs compared to regular cigarette smoking when talking about their long term effects in the body.

Looking at what cigarette and marijuana can bring to the table, there’s no denying that these two are quite dangerous to a person’s health but a lot of studies have found that cigarette is more dangerous compared to marijuana.

When we look at the bare essentials, our body is not actually built to inhale smoke whether it’s marijuana or cigarette because overall, it can bring major damage to the body especially if it’s taken excessively so if you’re living a marijuana lifestyle now, try your best to quit before it’s too late.