If you were to choose, would you pick marijuana over tobacco? Or would you prefer to stick with tobacco instead? People have contradicting views on everything and the same is true when it comes to the argument on whether using marijuana is better than consuming tobacco. However, nowadays, no matter how cheaper the cost of entering the tobacco industry may appear to be and no matter how risky it is to invest in the marijuana industry, there are still people who choose to spend their money in marijuana over tobacco. For you to find out why, here are four reasons for you.

Safety Concerns

One of the reasons why there are people who choose to invest in the marijuana industry over the tobacco industry is due to the unavoidable safety concerns that tobacco comes with. Marijuana, aside from smoking, can be consumed through the intake of marijuana treats or edible marijuana. Smoking – be it marijuana or tobacco – can cause respiratory problems. But with marijuana, people can have the choice of eating it, instead, to avoid the bad effects of such.

Medical Marijuana’s Advantages

The use of marijuana also has contributed in the field of medicine. Due to extensive research and studies conducted to prove its medicinal effects, marijuana, unlike tobacco, is now known to have benefits in one’s health and to be an effective ingredient in various medicines, especially in treating nausea and vomiting and in taking away chronic pain brought about by neuropathy. At the moment, there are also studies being conducted on whether marijuana can help treat more serious illnesses such as cancer, Tourette syndrome, glaucoma, diabetes and more. The medical advantages of marijuana are seen as pots of gold by investors.

Golden Stocks

In the marijuana industry, stocks are seen to be golden, especially because they can give you the capability to earn billions of dollars. With the combined advantages mentioned above, this should no longer be a wonder to you. Tobacco, for most consumers, is only something that they use for recreational purposes. Marijuana, on the other hand, can be beneficial to both the ones who are looking to have a great time and those who wish to have their illnesses treated.


On the other hand, there is a downside to choosing marijuana over tobacco when making investments. The use of marijuana has not been accepted in all parts of the US, unlike the use of tobacco which is legal in the entire country. This gives the marijuana industry a market that is quite smaller compared to what the tobacco industry has. Unless they travel to the specific states where marijuana consumption and possession is legal, the market for cannabis plant will always have the fear of being put in jail for the using it.

Did you get a clearer understanding on why people choose to invest in the marijuana industry over the tobacco industry despite the risks that it comes with? Now, if you wish to make investments in the future, just go over the points mentioned above and decide.