Soon, gone are the days of hidden rendezvous with your dealer as there is a possibility that you can buy weed in convenient stores. The pot can be consumed like cigarettes and alcohol.

Legal use and procurement of marijuana is in the midst of debate and lawmakers are battling whether to allow the public to openly use marijuana. The substance is currently decriminalized in a total of 18 US states with Washington and Colorado allowing users to freely use weed.

Legalizing marijuana is only the first step, the substance will be advertised and marketed just like any product. Ads are helpful in Marijuana will be like a normal good that can be purchased in stores. If legalization of the substance will be a reality, people will start to see weed almost everywhere. Below are some of the reasons why we should advertise marijuana.

To Increase Awareness

One of the main objectives of marijuana advertising is to build awareness about the substance. If the drug is kept in the dark, people will not be able to know and understand the benefits of marijuana use as well as its side effects. Mass media is very influential as everyone has access to it and ads can be used to educate people. With various types of media, people worldwide are given access to this vital information.

To Make Its Health Benefits Known

Cannabis has a bad name due to its side effects and some people only obtain it if they want to get high. Marijuana is proven to have medical benefits with 17 states approved its use for medical purposes. If administered properly and in proper dosage, the benefits far outweigh its negative effects. Some of the health benefits of marijuana are: euphoric effects that help in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. The substance also helps in stimulating a person’s appetite and suppressing muscle spasms, nausea, pain, anxiety and inhibits cancer cell growth. Other medical uses of marijuana are promoting bone growth, reducing increase in blood sugar levels, seizures and convulsions as well as slowing bacterial growth.

To Prevent Abuse or Overdose

Advertising can spread the word for proper use and dosage of marijuana. Without proper knowledge, people have a negative impression about weed that may lead to drug abuse or overdose. Proper proliferation of information and knowledge about the benefits of marijuana will help prevent unfortunate events. The ads will largely help in spreading the information about the right amount of dosage that will prevent abuse and overdose of marijuana.

To Encourage Research and Studies

The prevalence of marijuana in the mainstream media will surely pave the way for further research and studies about the substance. Research and experimentation on marijuana has been challenging for some proponents since samples of the drugs are hard to obtain, especially in some states since the plant is illegal. Moreover, researchers have to obtain special grant in order to get samples of different strains of cannabis. In addition, most people are reluctant in participating in researches since marijuana is an illegal substance. Legalizing marijuana and making it known to the public will give rise to future research.

To Improve Legislation on Cannabis

Another benefit of advertising and marketing marijuana in the mass media is it will help in improving the legislation governing and regulating the different facets of the substance like its use, retail, and production.

The aforementioned reasons are only some of the advantages of legalizing marijuana and allowing this billion dollar industry to enter the mainstream media. More positive sides of the substance will come to light as lawmakers are still arguing in decriminalizing weed.