Northsight Capital Inc. (NCAP) is a developer and operator of marijuana-related websites intending to provide its audience with a means to stay informed about the latest innovations about cannabis. One of the newest websites that the company launched is WikiWeed which just went live last month. What does this website offer?

What the Audience Can Find in WikiWeed

WikiWeed is a user-driven, informational Wiki which focuses on both recreational and medical marijuana. In this site, followers can see regular posts of topics and information allowing for collaborative editing of its structure and content by its users. Everyone is invited to help edit WikiWeed but first, those who are interested in this amazing opportunity should apply first to become a moderator.

Becoming a Moderator

The job of a moderator for WikiWeed includes submitting applicable changes to the structure and content that is posted on the website. A moderator is also given an opportunity to add topics on the website but first, a user who is interested in this job needs to send a description of himself along with why he wants to become a moderator. Everyone is welcome to apply and incentives are available for contributors as well as moderators.

The WikiWeed Encyclopedia

What can users find in the WikiWeed Encyclopedia? The list of marijuana-related terms is where you should be for a mixed combination of dictionary and encyclopedia definitions. Whatever marijuana-related word or phrase it is that you need help in understanding what it means, you can trust that you will find an explanation in The WikiWeed Encyclopedia. There’s also a Weed Slang section under The WikiWeed Encyclopedia which works like your Weed Urban Dictionary.

Website Navigation Section

On the left side of the WikiWeed page, you will find the ‘Navigation’. Below it are three sections namely the Main Page, Random Page and Help. If you would click on the Main Page, you will be directed to the home page of the website and if you click on the Random Page, you will be taken to a particular article that is randomly selected by the system. Meanwhile, if you would click on Help, you will be taken to page where you can edit the current language of the site.

Website Tools Section

Looking at the Tools Section, you will find a number of options: What Links Here, Related Changes and Special Pages. The ‘Related Changes’ section provides a list of changes that were recently made to the pages linked from a specific page or to the members of the same category. The ‘Special Pages’ section shows maintenance reports, list of pages, login/create account, users and rights, recent changes and logs, media reports and uploads and many others. The ‘What Links Here’ section is basically just a list of WikiWeed that links to the particular page the user is currently viewing.

As of this time, this newly launched website has more than 350 articles of information on medical and recreational marijuana. It also has a plethora of words as well as definitions related to marijuana and the website encourages  the public to help edit the structure and content of WikiWeed if not add more marijuana-related topics to it.