There are so many kinds of marijuana strains where you can choose from. If you are a first-time marijuana consumer and you have no idea which strain you should use, try reading this comprehensive Yoda OG review. This is just one among the countless strains of marijuana out there are and if you wish to know more, continue reading and discover this is the best marijuana strain to feed your need for recreation or for medication.

What is it?

Yoda OG is the OG Kush’s descendant and if you wish to experience heavy body and mind relaxation, this particular strain is just perfect for you, since its indica properties are dominating. Its color is quite pale and has orange hair tangles. Its smell is pungent yet citrus-like. It might also smell woody and can have the odor of pine. It has various medicinal effects which will be discussed later on and it is most commonly used during the night.


Just like what was mentioned earlier, the feeling that you can get from this marijuana strain is the feeling of serenity and calmness and this is due to its dominating indica properties. It can also give its user the feeling of euphoria or extreme happiness. It can make you feel sleepy, as well, but most of all, it can make you feel very relaxed.


Yoda OG is a marijuana strain which has so many medical benefits. The disorder that it can help relieve the most is insomnia and this is due to the relaxing effects that it gives. It can also help cure depression, anxiety and stress, or at least lessen the effects of such disorders. Moreover, Yoda OG can also work amazingly as a pain reliever. Patients with Tourette’s syndrome and bipolar disorder are also among the ones that Yoda OG is known to help.


On the other hand, Yoda OG, just like any other strain of weed out there, comes with negative effects, too. It is known to give its user extreme dryness of the mouth. There are people who suggest the usage of this marijuana strain during daytime for better concentration. However, doing so may also make you feel very dizzy and give you the opposite of the kind of effect that you are expecting.


The price of the Yoda OG varies depending on the dealer and, of course, on the amount that you will be purchasing. On the other hand, there are no published prices for this certain type of marijuana strain. But if you are going to purchase such, expect it to be quite cheaper compared to other strains, since it is usually cultivated indoors.

With the benefits and negative effects of the Yoda OG stated earlier, do you still think that it is the best marijuana strain for you? Or are you now planning to switch to using a different strain? Strains of marijuana come with advantages and disadvantages, but what you should be aiming for is getting the strain that can make you feel that you made the most out of the amount that you have spent.