Five Fun Edibles for Fall


It’s fall, and food enthusiasts know this is one of the best times of the year. Heartier, richer foods are back again, including staples like candy for Halloween, pumpkin spice everything and decadent Thanksgiving foods. There’s no reason that edibles should be left out of the mix! Here are a few awesome ideas for infused munchies now that the weather is cooler.


Special Cookies


There’s nothing like a warm cookie or pastry on a rain, early fall day. High Times recommends infused ginger snaps as a tasty treat after dinner. If you’re baking at home, just make sure to check your dosing and prepare with caution.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies


Even stoners have to pay homage to the pumpkin spice craze. High Times recommends this tasty dish as a perfect spiked appetizer for any Halloween or Thanksgiving party. Whip yourself up some edibles with pumpkin and chocolate swirl, or look for some at your local dispensary. Just be careful; you won’t want to eat just one!


Rice Crispy Treats


Nothing says fall like rice crispy treats, and this suggested treat from Leafly, the Cornucopia brand, is even more fitting for the upcoming season. Plus, it tastes great!


Cannabis Hot Chocolate


Vice offers up an amazing hot chocolate recipe with chai spice and plenty of cannabis, but you can easily sub extra chocolate, hot peppers or peppermint in to get the flavor you desire. Dose safely and sip with care! Legal states might also sell this in stores.


Gummy Candies


Halloween is everyone’s favorite fall staple, so why not celebrate with some friends and lay out a spread of infused candy gummies for a nice treat? Just make sure you keep track of how many you eat!