All stoners love a good smoke session, maybe hotboxing their cars or hanging out at a smoky party. But that doesn’t mean that those sessions come without consequences -- sometimes stinky consequences. Here are a few ways to keep yourself smelling fresh even when you’re toking.
Keep the Resin Off Your Hands
One of the grossest feelings is leaving the house, realizing you have sticky, black resin from your smoking device on your hands. It smells and it leaves a residue that doesn’t come off easily. Cafe Vale Tudo, a dispensary in California, recommends resin wipes for any smoking session. Companies like Rezzy Wipes have you covered, with cleaning wipes that specifically target the black stuff.
Clean Your Bowl or Bong
Many people think you need to spend big bucks on chemicals or cleaning kits if you smoke out of a bong or bowl. Not so! As The Weed Blog  explains, all you need is rubbing alcohol and table salt, two items you probably always have at home anyway. Simply pour both into a ziplock bag and let your pipe sit in the solution. If the bong is too big, you can pour it inside the device and soak individual pieces. Once everything has soaked, simply rinse it off. The solution will look dark and disgusting, but your smoking device will be squeaky clean!

Don’t Smoke -- Vape or Take Edibles Instead
Of course, one sure-fire way to avoid hygiene issues is to avoid smoking altogether. Edibles are more potent than smoking for a lot of people, and as long as you brush your teeth to help with the sugar, you shouldn’t have any major hygiene issues at all. Vape pens are also a nice, discreet way to use cannabis without having to clean equipment or worry about an unpleasant smell.