Pushes to Legalize Cannabis in Africa


The U.S. is constantly buzzing with news about states that are thinking of legalizing recreationally or medically. But what about other continents and countries? It turns out, many countries in Africa are working on legalization too.


According to High Times, the country of Lesotho just gave a pharmaceutical country permission to grow and sell cannabis. This makes Lesotho the first African country to legalize cannabis in some form!


High Times also predicts that Ghana could be the next country to legalize. This is because authorities in the country have been talking about the potential that cannabis has to heal.


Merry Jane adds that like in North America, at least until recently, cannabis is still a major black market industry, especially in countries like Morocco. Although that could be persuading some from having faith in the industry right now, it will actually take power away from the black market and make the cannabis industry safer in the long run.


With any luck, Africa will have more legal countries soon, and will be on the road towards cannabis acceptance!