Scientists Aim to Map Cannabis DNA


Scientists have been trying to understand cannabis for years, and now, they are actually mapping the plant’s DNA.


According to High Times, Front Range Biosciences and the University of California are actually looking into how to map out cannabis.


“We have successfully applied cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies and computational approaches to study challenging genomes of diverse crops and associated microorganisms,” said CEO Jonathan Vaught.


Newsweek expands that the research team has currently mapped the genome of the coffee and the grape, and now they want to do so with cannabis.


“UC Davis is renowned as the leading agriculture university in the world and we are excited to work with Dr. Cantu’s team to improve this crop to reduce pesticide residues and excessive application of fertilizers, in preparation for production targeting medically beneficial compounds,” Vaught added.


It will be awhile before cannabis is completely understood on the genomic level, but scientists are already on the way to having a clearer concept of what is going on behind the scenes!