When it comes to holidays, a favorite among many stoners is Thanksgiving – after all, it’s the ultimate munchies buffet, is it not? A table full of fresh roasted turkey, pans of stuffing, casseroles, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course a plethora of desserts ranging from traditional pumpkin, cherry and apple pie to decadent cakes, pastries and cookies – what more could you possibly ask for?

How about a chance to infuse your entire dinner with cannabis? Taking the ultimate munchies holiday and combining it with a spread of the most flavorful and savory edibles you can imagine is easier than you might think – all you need is cannabutter.

Surprisingly, cannabutter is relatively simple to make – and it can be used in so much more than cookies and brownies, even if those are the more common place edibles. However, you will want to start this process the night before to ensure your butter is infused and ready to use by the time you need it!

You can follow this easy recipe to make some potent cannabutter that can be used to turn almost anything you want into a cannabis infused edible. All you need is a pound of salted butter, 4 cups of water and an ounce of finely ground cannabis (you can use more or less than an ounce cannabis to find your desired potency).

Once you’ve got your cannabutter, infusing you Thanksgiving dinner is as simple as replacing regular butter with cannabutter. If you want to make only one of your items to be THC infused then you may want to choose the Turkey – which can be coated in cannabutter, rather than regular butter, which will soak into the turkey and help crisp the skin as well.

However, if you’re looking to make a fully THC infused spread, then you may want to split this in half – for every recipe you have, take the normal amount of butter you use and replace half with cannabutter. By the time you’re done eating your meal, you will have consumed plenty enough THC to find yourself relaxed and perhaps a little more tired than the usual “turkey coma.”

No matter how you go about it, you will be preparing a Thanksgiving dinner no one is likely to forget any time soon. Spoil your friends and family this year with this THC infused Thanksgiving dinner, or at least a THC infused sweet tooth fix to top off your night!