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I Indica

Purple Kush

3.9Avg. Rating

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  • Indica = 100%
  • THC Level = 15.5% Avg.
  • CBD Level = 0.64% Avg.


This pure strain of indica is sure to send you to a blissful dream-like state of relaxation and comfort. Perfect for anyone suffering from severe or chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, and migraines, the powerful rush of this cannabis indica is wonderful for relieving physical pain while in addition enhancing mood and well-being. The full-body high of this strain is great for nighttime use to induce sleepiness and comfortable rest, allowing for a peaceful and tranquil experience.

Generally this strain is most advantageous for use late in the evening rather than during the day; feeling stuck in the couch and extremely lethargic is a common side effect of Purple Kush, as is the case with most indica strains. Also it may be beneficial to consider having a tasty beverage and eye drops handy when using this strain.

Relaxation, Happiness, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sleepiness, Increased Appetite, Physical Pain Relief, Reduced Anxiety, Active, Elevated Mood, Cerebral Energy, Body Sedation, Calming, Muscle Relaxant
Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Migraines, Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, Menstral Cramps, Lack of Appetite, Mood Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Irritability
Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness


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